My name is Di, and I serve as both a partner and the Creative Director at the inprocess design studio based in China. I've had the privilege of participating in prestigious events like the Beijing International Design Festival and the Suzhou International Design Week. With extensive education and experience in graphic design, UI/UX design, and marketing, I am equipped to craft compelling visual narratives for your brand. My adeptness in design and marketing strategically positions me to fulfill the unique needs of your company.

Throughout my career, I've been honored with international accolades such as the IF, Muse, and A' Design Awards. Beyond my professional life, I am an avid adventurer who loves to travel, forge new friendships, and immerse myself in diverse cultures. My life's philosophy is to "work hard and play hard."

Should you be interested in discussing design, art, or travel, I encourage you to reach out via email. I am always excited to share stories and insights from my journey.
A Pingjiang Renaissance

2021 SuZhou Design Week

        Themed on “urban revitalization” from three dimensionalities - Aesthetics City, Aesthetics Life, and Aesthetics Economics, and linked Suzhou’s ancient and the modern from four theme sectors of Gusu·Ting (covering five theme exhibition), Laoxiang·Xing (installed artistic installations, design experiments, the tide flash lab, etc. in Ping Jiang Historic Street), Gucheng·Yun (including five theme dialogues), and Jiuzhai·Ting (installed electric music studio and new media workshop in historical blocks), realizing immersion travel and mobilizing urban cultural renewal