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This project is an inner monologue about the ingratiating personality. Some people grow up under collectivism. Under this mechanism, individuals will naturally avoid actions and expressions that may challenge authority. They fear being denied and a more profound fear of being pointed at or abandoned by the administration. How to help these people and encourage them to express themselves is the key to the project.

People-pleaser does not say no to other people's requests, but they are very resistant to doing so. I wanted to break the traditional presentation of books fundamentally, so I decided to make a wearable book, Masked. In terms of materials, I chose plastic bags instead of traditional paper. The first reason is that plastic bags can be found everywhere, representing many such people. The second point is that plastic bags always carry many heavyweights, symbolizing a heavy psychological burden. In this way, we should help them overcome their psychological burden. In terms of visual expression, some illustrations are drawn in the form of hand painting to express the genuine emotions in the heart. Compared with the cold and rational computer, hand-painting can better express the hearts of these people.


Installation art

︎Lu Di